GR Roof Wrapping developed by the merge of two long time friends, a well-known contractor Roland Elek and

Gergo Vizl, a visionary economist specialized in the insurance and financial market. 



Roland Elek was born in Hungary, but as a child always dreamt of moving and starting a business in the US. Graduating with a degree in Artist Design, and later working with a transporting company as a manager, gave Roland the expertise of managing others under him. In 2009, Roland decided to go after his dream of moving to the US without knowing any english and leaving everything behind. He moved to Key West, where he soon begun to work in construction. Not only did he gain experience and learn english, but also an attraction for the development world. He soon opened up his own construction company with his brother in 2016. After 4 years of much hard work and dedication he opened 2 other construction companies and become a General Contractor. With his General Contracting license and 6 other  licenses under his belt and drive to succeed allows Roland to continue to grow in this field. In 2019, with his good friend, Gergo Vizl, they decided to take on a new venture of roof wrapping one full of new ideas and opportunities. Together they partnered up and opened GRroofWrapping, with a goal of fixing every US roof with the use of WRAPROOFs patented product. What differentiates GRroofWrapping from all others, is there hard work, the use of the most effective shrink wrap roof solution, and their trusting and honest hard work which is hard to find.

Roland Elek

Gergo Vizl

Gergo Vizl was born a natural businessman. Gergo was born and raised in Hungary, in a small town by the lakeside. He attended Wharton School to study Marketing and Lund University in Sweden to study Greening The Economy and Sustainable Cities.

Vizl has over 15 years of experience in business development and the insurance industry. He is passionate about helping others and offering eco-friendly, reliable, and trustworthy long term solutions while striving for a sustainable future. Vizl has extensive work experience and has worked for companies located in Austria, England, Sweden, and Estonia. In 2016, Gergo moved to the Sunshine State and opened his first company in 2017. In Miami, 2017, he met with Roland, a long time contractor, and became friends, soon after they began to work together on different projects.

Gergo enjoys exploring new technologies and procedures, and this curiosity for exploration led him to discover a revolutionary temporary roofing solution. 

Temporary Roofing System is a reliable and efficient solution in the most challenging of times. Ideal for roof leakage, hurricane damage, and for a rapid, effective solution to protect your home or business.The key to Grego's success is his need to exceed his customer expectations, as 110% satisfaction is only minimal for him. Grego is always thinking of improvement and how to continue exceeding in providing the best labor, solutions, and crew! His motto is,  "We can make miracles happen the same day, but magic requires 24 hours to perform! A symbol that Grego identifies with is the arrow because of its strength in never turning back and only moving forward, reaching its target.